• Im glad I now registered

    Started by Weeme Wiltshire: Regards, Wonderful stuff! my web site

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  • Strategies That Work!

    Started by Caroline.Knickle: There has been a lot of discussion on the forum about classroom management and it has been something I have been working hard on. I wanted to share...

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  • storage for 30 ukes?

    Started by CaraSings: Two days ago I was given the go-ahead for an 8th grade beginning uke class. Yesterday I ordered 30 ukes, teacher and student books, tuners and extra...

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  • Starting Up

    Started by DavidS: I am working with a music teacher to bring Ukuleles to the elementary school, cost is a major limiting factor.  Any funding suggestions for the...

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  • Equipment

    Started by richardsoncandace: Hey everyone, I'm starting a Ukulele program at my school and it looks like I'll have to be mobile! Eeek! That means, I have to be able to transport...

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  • Balance: performing and teaching in your uke group

    Started by John Kavanagh: I'm not trying to solve anything, here - I'm just curious and want to kick ideas around.  And we all like polls. Two things to start with: ...

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  • Maintaining Class/Group Instruments

    Started by KareninNC: I read an earlier thread about restringing, followed James' advice about checking the fret side of nylon strings, and realized I not only need to...

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  • Uke Group

    Started by revhank: I'm starting a Uke group here in Dartmouth.  Our first meeting is Monday Feb 18 at 7:00pm at the Celtic Corner.  Any suggestions on what to do?...

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  • When to start & how long?

    Started by Scott: I have been thinking all year that I'd like to introduce Uke playing into my elementary music program, beginning in fall 2009.  I think it will be a...

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